Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in the Browns Canyon Adventure Park!  Here is your answer source for all things aerial. If you don't find your answer here, please call us at 719-395-2158!  And be sure to visit us soon!


What is an Adventure Park?

The Browns Canyon Adventure Park is an aerial playground filled with many challenges and obstacles to conquer. Overlooking the renowned Arkansas River and the Browns Canyon Wilderness Study Area, the park has four courses and other featured challenges, allowing you to choose your challenge based on age, ability, and plain old gumption. Just like at the ski slopes, the courses range from introductory level elements to “blue” and “black” features, designed to test even the most intrepid adventurers. Because the course requires physical strength and stamina, each participant is encouraged to go at his or her own pace, and may not complete every course. The aerial adventure park is open to ages 7 to adults, but certain courses and challenges are restricted by age.

Canyon Rim Team Roller Course

Work your way around the perimeter of the park at heights up to 35 feet off the ground on the Canyon Rim Team Roller. Pairs of adventurers can move in tandem along the zip-lines, rope bridges, swings and other obstacles. This course is designed to encourage teamwork and foster encouragement between participants, and can function as an ideal teaching tool for your youth group, family, or corporate workshop. Work together as you problem solve your way across, over, and through each element.

Arkansas River Run, Colorado Peaks Playpen, Vertical Limit Courses

When you have worked up your skill, spend some time in the Arkansas River Run and Colorado Peaks Playpen. These courses utilize the “Smart-Belay” system. This belay system is state of the art, designed to prevent accidental unclipping. It keeps you attached to safety systems at all times, allowing you to choose your own direction and which element to conquer next. You will find a variety of beginner and more advanced obstacle choices to test and refine your skills in the Arkansas River Run and Colorado Peaks Playpen. Next, challenge a friend in a race to the top of the Vertical Limit, a side-by-side aerial wall with vertical elements that will test your skill and agility.
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The Leap of Faith and Big Drop Swing

Other park features include The Leap of Faith and Big Drop Swing. The Leap of Faith is the ultimate let-go experience: climb a 25 foot pole, steady yourself and your partner on a wooden platform, and leap to catch the trapeze bar suspended in front of you! You can catch your breath as you are lowered to the ground, just in time to lose it again on our Big Drop Swing. This feature is an elevated super-swing, on which you and up to two friends can fly out toward the Arkansas River, up to fifty feet high.

How does a trip work?

You can reserve a trip, or just drop by our site. We'll supply you with a harness and helmet and give you a safety briefing on how to properly use all the equipment and which courses you can try. Then you are free to choose your challenges, as many as your pass allows. Once your time is expired, you will not be able to start another course.

What are the park hours of operation?

The Adventure Park is open daily from 9 AM to 5 PM, and after hours for groups by reservation only.
Daytime reservations are available at 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM. Other time slots are available upon request, and walk-ins are welcome. Walk-ins, be sure to come by 2:15 if you want to get a full 2 1/2  hours of park time.
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What are the prices for passes?

Please see our prices at Browns Canyon Adventure Park     

What are the restrictions for participation?

  • Minimum age is 7 years old, with sound body and understanding and ability to perform specific safety tasks independently.
  • There are supervision requirements on all courses for anyone under age 14.
  • Minimum weight is 50 lbs, and maximum weight is 275.
  • Other rules and restrictions apply. Please see the Browns Canyon Adventure Park Rules page for more details.

What should I wear?

We will supply you with a harness, helmet, and gloves upon request. You should wear clothing appropriate for outdoor activity, with nothing loose or hanging—no skirts or dresses. Long hair should be tied back, with no dangling jewelry and nothing in pockets. Closed toe shoes must be worn; gym shoes or hiking boots are great options. No flip flops, Crocs or sandals. For safety reasons, we discourage participants from carrying a camera or cell phone on the courses, but spectators may take pictures from below. 
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What kind of physical shape must I be in?

The activities at Browns Canyon Adventure Park are physically strenuous and require sound body and mind. Every participant is encouraged to proceed at his or her own pace, and take breaks whenever necessary. Therefore, not every participant will succeed in completing every course. The more physically fit you are, the more courses you will be likely to complete. Ultimately, you are responsible for deciding which parts of the park you are comfortable attempting. Participants that are pregnant or have a history of head, neck, spine, or heart concerns may be prohibited from participating.

How difficult are the courses?

The courses are labeled by level of difficulty, from introductory to very difficult (blue, and black.) You will need to progress through introductory courses before moving to the next level of difficulty. Some elements require strength, reach, and agility as you progress to the more advanced courses. There are a variety of swings, zips, moving footholds, wooden planking, ladders, and places where you need to crawl or duck. Some parts of the course are only 10 feet off the ground, while other elements can be up to 50 feet high. While you will be challenged and encouraged to work on your skills as you progress, some physical limitations may prevent you from completing a course. In this case, a guide will assist you to either complete the course or strategically exit. You will always be attached to safety systems and/or smart belays which are designed to prevent accidental unclipping.

Is there any reason I should not do the course?

The course is physically demanding, requiring strength, agility, and cardiovascular stamina. Individuals with the following conditions should consult their physician and inform the Adventure Park staff before participation, and may be deemed ill-suited for the challenges of the park.
  • Pregnancy. Pregnant women will not be allowed on the course. 
  • Head, neck, back, or shoulder injury or surgery.
  • Cardiac issues or conditions, the possibility of cardiac issues, or difficulty breathing.
  • Any recent injury or surgery relevant to course movements.
If you have any questions regarding your specific medical condition or physical limitation, please call us at (719-395-2158). 
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What are the park rules?

Please refer to the Browns Canyon Adventure Park Rules page for details. 

Does the park operate in the rain?

The Browns Canyon Adventure Park will operate in light to moderate rain, but will close temporarily if there is severe weather, such as lightening, high winds, or ice. You will be allowed back on the course once the weather clears up, and time lost on the ground will not be counted against your pass time. If you are unable to return to the course due to weather, and 30 minutes or more remain towards your participation time, you will be issued a rain check.

Are spectators welcome?

Purchased passes are only required for those who are participating. Others are welcome to walk around the perimeter of the park and observe or take pictures, or relax and wait in spectator areas. 

Are reservations required?

Reservations are always recommended, especially for groups of 15 or more. We will always try to accommodate walk-ins. Keep in mind that anyone under 18 must have a release form signed by a parent or legal guardian, which is much more possible with advanced reservations.

Is the park certified?

The Browns Canyon Adventure Park was built and is maintained by Adventure Experiences, Inc. (AEI). AEI is one of the original full service challenge course construction companies, and is recognized internationally for its expertise in designing and building state-of-the-art challenge courses. The  Browns Canyon Adventure Park is a member of The Association for Challenge Course Technology. ACCT is the professional organization that sets installation, inspection, operational, and certification standards for the challenge course industry.
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How safe is the park?

The Browns Canyon Adventure Park is built and maintained to ACCT certification standards. We use the latest technology in "Smart Belay" and "Continuous Belay" systems. Our trained staff will check each participant's equipment and instruct participants prior to their use of the park. Because we cannot eliminate every risk, it is the client's responsibility to understand and follow all instruction carefully, and to listen and obey the guides at all times. All clients are required to follow the safety policies and procedures of Browns Canyon Adventure Park and its guides, and all clients will be required to sign a Participant Assumption of Risks, Acknowledgment of Inherent Risks and Indemnity Agreement in favor of Browns Canyon Adventure Park upon their arrival. 

What kind of training does the staff go through?

Our staff has been trained in checking and operating the equipment, maneuvering the obstacles within the courses, and enacting emergency and rescue procedures should there be a need. Because we work closely with ACCT, all our certified course operators are trained in accordance with ACCT standards on a yearly basis. 

Do I need to sign a waiver?

All clients will be required to sign a Participant Assumption of Risks, Acknowledgment of Inherent Risks and Indemnity Agreement in favor of Browns Canyon Adventure Park upon their arrival. Participants under 18 must have their waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.
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What is the cancellation policy?

All reservations require a minimum of a $15 per person deposit, and final payment within one week of arrival. Cancellations up to one week before arrival will forfeit their deposit. Cancellations within the last week before arrival are non-refundable. However, if someone declines participation after listening to the orientation by our staff, a full refund will be applied. There is no refund after a participant has entered any of the courses or features.

What else is available at the adventure park?

There is so much to do while you are in the area visiting the Browns Canyon Adventure Park!  At our home location, you can combine your Adventure Park experience with a Noah's Ark Whitewater Rafting trip on Browns Canyon! We can also assist you in setting up a horseback ride, visiting the local hot springs pool, or going on a scenic Leadville Train ride, rock climbing and rappelling trip, ducky trip, day hikes and multi-day backpack trip. For details on packages visit the packages page. For more information, visit us at Noah's Ark Colorado Rafting,  or call us with your questions! 

How do I get there?

The Browns Canyon Adventure Park is located at Noah's Ark Whitewater Rafting Company. Click here for directions, and we'll see you soon!

What am I waiting for?

The Browns Canyon Adventure Park will likely be the highlight of your summer! We are eagerly awaiting your visit. Contact us now with any questions, or book online. Ready...Set....Go!
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